July 2019
Spotlight On Sites

There are many myths out there about enforcement cameras:


  • Speed cameras are there to catch people out!
  • Speed cameras are placed where they will catch the most offenders!
  • Speed cameras are only there to make money!


Cameras are used to make roads safer and help to save lives, not to make money or catch motorists out. In fact, our most successful cameras are those which record the LEAST amount of offences, not the most.


In an effort to combat the myths and misunderstanding surrounding the reasons behind where we place cameras, starting this month we have a new campaign over social media called: "Spotlight On Sites"


Every camera within the GoSafe area complies with the Welsh Government guidance on where cameras can be placed. How and when cameras are deployed depends on the accident history and road safety problem at each individual location.


It is not a case of picking a road at random on a map and deciding that there will be an enforcement camera placed there. We carefully analyse data which we utilise in the decision of where the best locations are on the roads which need this intervention in order to reduce casualties and save lives.


For a road or location to become an enforcement site there are many factors we take into account.



Take for example the B4291, Birchgrove Road, Swansea


This 40mph road is one of our mobile camera sites. In 2017 a speed survey was conducted which showed that 67% of the traffic was travelling at speeds above the speed limit; with the highest speed recorded being 114mph!!


There had been a serious collision on this road with one person seriously injured and a further three people suffering minor injuries.


There is a farm/stables located at the centre of the zone where slow-moving vehicles regularly enter and leave, which poses and additional risk, especially at speeds of up to 114mph on a narrow, rural road with blind bends.


There are no footpaths or cycle lanes along the road so pedestrians and cyclists are particularly vulnerable.


We subsequently conducted another speed survey in 2018 which showed that the average speed through the area had reduced from 43mph to 39mph and the percentage of vehicles travelling above the limit had reduced from 67& down to 41%. Enforcement, so far, has proved effective in reducing speeds.



So, over the next few weeks and months keep an eye out on our Twitter page for our "Spotlight On Sites" posts and if you have a concern about speeding on a particular road or area in your community please let us know via our Community Concern form: and we will endeavour to respond to your concern as soon as possible.


GoSafe's aim is make Welsh roads safer for everyone!