October 2019
Spotlight On Sites - A485

On the A485 there is a core route site that incorporates two mobile speed camera locations between Rhydargaeau and the Windy Cornern junction.


The initial speed survey conducted in 2014 showed an average speed of 49.4mph along the route; which has a spedd limit of 50mph. 

15% of traffic was travelling at speeds of 54.8mph and over 44.9% of vehicles exceeding the speed limit.


There had been 1 fatality on the route and 3 people had sustained serious, life changing injuries. Further collisions had resulted in 7 people sustaining minor injuries. 


This is a busy, rural trunk road situated north of Carmarthen. The road is a singlecarriageway and passes through several villages. 

Farms are situated along the route with the associated hazard of slow-moving agricultural vehicles entering and leaving the farms and livestock crossing the road.


The most recent speed survey indicates that average speeds have fallen to 37.82mph with 15% of traffic travelling at speeds over 43.8mph

Whilst the percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit had fallen to 2.9% in 2018, disappointingly the most recent survey in June 2019 shows that this has risen sharply to 33.2% indicating that enforcement will need to be continued for the foreseeable future. 


Since enforcement commenced in 2014 there have been no further fatalities on this route and only 2 serious injuries sustained. There have been 10 minor injuries sustained in 6 collisions but these could easily have been fatal or serious injury collisions if not for the drop in average speeds.