August 26th, 2020
Volunteers Return To Community Speed Watch

Since 2016, volunteers have been participating in the Community Speed Watch scheme in communities across Wales, monitoring and recording the speed of vehicles travelling through their community.


When lockdown started back in March, all community speed watch activity was stopped in order to comply with social distancing. With the easing of lockdown measures our volunteers have been eager to return to their speed monitoring and recording activities in their communities as a result of increased speeding in their communities.


Before any such activities could resume we had to ensure that guidance was in place to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers as they return to monitoring speed in the new normal we now live in.


All Community Speed Watch operations must adhere to Welsh Government rules and guidance relating to the prevention and spread of the coronavirus.


All volunteers must also agree to further guidance and requirements set out by their local Police Force relating to social distancing, hygiene and sanitisation and the use of PPE equipment.


One of our Speed Watch Coordinators from North Wales, Cllr Arnold Woolley said:


“Buckley CSW team members are all delighted to be back in action and fully operational at the roadside once again. As our “Stood Down” period steadily progressed, the number of complaints about speeding motorists, from local residents, steadily increased.


With the Covid-19 problem still with us, the team has had to make adjustments. Presently we cannot arrange for one single vehicle to uplift those on duty for any particular session, so everyone has to make their individual way to wherever we are intending to operate.  We all have to wear face-masks, sanitise our hands and equipment session by session and maintain our safe social distancing as we operate. 


We also have to be very aware of oncoming walkers, cyclists and dog-walkers, so that we step aside in good time to ensure safe distancing from them as they pass by us.”


So, if on your journey you see a group of people monitoring speeds, rest assured that they are doing so safely and having taken every precaution necessary to keep themselves and others safe.



Wednesday, 26 August 2020