May 13th, 2021
Spotlight on Sites - Cypress Drive, Cardiff

In 2008 a mobile camera site was established on Cypress Drive, St Mellons, Cardiff; a 30mph road. 


In 2011 the site was classified as out of operation as speeds had dropped to an acceptable level.


However, following complaints of anti-social behaviour and speeding from residents the site was re-established as a Community Concern site in September 2020.


A speed survey conducted in March 2021 showed that the average speed in the area was 36mph with 15% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 40mph. In all 79.6% of vehicles were travelling at speeds above the speed limit with 9.5% travelling at speeds over 45mph.


In the preceding three years there had been two collisions at the site with three people sustaining slight injuries.


Cypress Drive is located on the edge of the densely populated residential area of St Mellons. There is an industrial unit in the vicinity with large, slow-moving vehicles using the road. The road also has several bus stops, public houses and pedestrian controlled crossings located along its length.


The layout of Cypress Drive can give the impression that it would be safe for traffic to travel at a speed above the posted limit but the presence of so many potential hazards dictates that speeds must be maintained within the prescribed limit for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists who regularly use the road.












Thursday, 13 May 2021