January 2019
January 2019

GoSafe – New Year, New You!



Welcome to the brand new GoSafe Blog site; where we will bring you the latest updates on our campaigns and operations, giving you a look behind the lenses of our speed cameras and showing you what GoSafe does and why we do it.


Our aim is to make Welsh roads safer and to reduce the amount of casualties on our roads!


The New Year is a chance for us to look afresh at where we are in our lives on our health, our dreams, ambitions and priorities.


Did you make a New Year resolution?


To drink less? To lose weight? To spent less money on things you don’t really need?


In all honesty, how many of us have actually managed to keep to our resolutions? How many of us gave up weeks ago?


What about making a simple and easy resolution to keep to? A resolution and a promise to reduce the risk to yourself, your family, your friends and your communities throughout the year. What if we all promised to reduce our speeds when driving along the roads of Wales?

In 2015, 2017 people died in collisions where speed was a factor, with 132 people dying as a result of drivers driving too fast for the conditions of the roads.1


Speeding means that drivers have less time to realise and react to what is happening around them, therefore taking more time for their vehicle to stop. This reduces the safety limit for the driver and could lead to a collision.


Did you know, reducing your speed by an average of 1mph can reduce the rate of collisions by up to 5%! 2,3


Be aware of the speed limits and look out of the signs. Speeding won’t get you to your destination any quicker, but it will increase your risk of a collision.

Cameras are there to encourage motorists to drive within the speed limits, therefore the most successful cameras are those which record the LEAST amount of offences, not the most!


GoSafe place cameras in areas where people have been killed or injured, where there is a history of speeding or in areas of community concern. If needed, we can operate across Wales in locations where there are road works, by schools and in areas which cause a concern for communities.


If you are concerned about speeding in your community, you can contact us by completing our Community Concern form on our website: and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


So, when you have given in to the temptation of chocolate, spent too much money on a shopping spree or given up the diet; don’t forget about road safety and keep to the speed limit.


Be aware. Be Safe.


1 Department for Transport (2017) ‘Table RAS50001: Contributory factors in reported accidents by   severity, Great Britain, 2016’

2 Finch et al (1994) ‘TRL Project Report 58: Speed, Speed Limits and Accidents’  URL:   

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