GoSafe regularly receives a number of videos and photographs of people driving dangerously, using a mobile phone, jumping red lights and many other forms of unsafe driving. Here’s some examples of submissions we've received and the action that we’ve taken against irresponsible drivers...

Offence: South Wales Police - Contravening a Solid White Line
A motorist travelling along the B4281 recorded a vehicle overtaking them whilst crossing solid white lines. The offending vehicle proceeded to drive along the opposite direction lane to overtake a Land Rover further along the road. The offending motorist was initially offered 3 penalty points and a fixed penalty of £100. However, after a Court hearing, the offender was given an increased fine of £344 and 3 penalty points.
Offence: Gwent Police – Driving without Due Care & Attention
A vehicle was travelling along Bassaleg Road, Newport when another vehicle pulled out of a junction and then drove on the wrong side of the carriageway ignoring keep left signs at a traffic light-controlled junction. The offending motorist failed to comply with the offer of a Fixed Penalty Notice of 3 penalty points and a fine of £100. The court convicted the motorist for Driving without Due Care and Attention and the offender was given 6 penalty points and a fine of £574.
Offence: South Wales Police – Contravene Red Traffic Light
A motorist recorded a moped riding through a red light at Moira Place, Cardiff. The Registered Keeper failed to provide details of the rider and was convicted at court and given 6 penalty points and a fine of £816.